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Tools are updated on 16th Nov 2019

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Aim of Website:

The aim of this website is to share real-time update information over the Emergency Medical Team Minimum Data Set (MDS). Nature of information sharing through this website is informal. Official information should be confirmed at the WHO EMT initiative website.


Forms, Instruction and Excel tool to make MDS CSV data available from here.

  1. Forms (PDF)
  2. Tool for EMT (Excel)
  3. Tool for EMTCC (Excel)
  4. Instruction (PowerPoint)
  5. Exon Guide (PowerPoint)


The WHO EMT MDS ver1.0

  1. MDS tick-box (Example)
  2. Tally Sheet
  3. Daily Report
  4. Feedback


*Daily Report (3.) is published as an official form. Other forms (1. 2. 4.) is published as referential forms to support MDS data flow within EMT and EMTCC.

Protocol :

  1. EMT MDS eDATA format for Daily Reporting

*For IT developers, please be noticed that the EMT MDS would be published with minor modification according to the revised blue book.

*Updated on 14th/Nov/2019


  1. SIMEX Excon Guide (PowerPoint)
  2. Model Patients list (available soon)


Your valuable comments to the MDS project would be very appreciated.

WHO EMT MDS Working Group/JDR MDS Dissemination Supporting Unit
Contact window Tatsuhiko Kubo MD. PhD.
University of Occupational and Environmental Health Joint Committee for Standard Disaster Medical Record (Japan) J-SPEED Offsite Analysis Support Team
The EMT MDS - Initiative toward EMT data based coordination “You cannot improve what you cannot measure. You cannot measure without data.”